We’re not gonna lie, websites are our thing here at YOE! We live and breathe them and when social media came along we knew peeps would love social because it’s so easy to connect and grow relationships with people.

Social media is the magic sauce to growing tribes and cultivating relationships.

  • Facebook is great for going live and selling.
  • Facebook Groups are amazing to keep in touch with your tribe.
  • Instagram is killer for establishing your brand.

So the question I was asked the other day by a coach friend of mine was “do I even need a website if I’m selling on Facebook and connecting with people on Insta?”

We’re gonna say a big HELL YEAH cos here’s the BIG REASON WHY TO HAVE A WEBSITE…


Social Media (traffic) + Website (sales tool) = YOUR BUSINESS ON STEROIDS


Think of it like this… The front end attracting you do with social media is the traffic and you channel them to your website to convert them into buyers, subscribers and customers for life.

At YOE!, we build something called “direct response websites”. This is where we hold the hand of your prospective customer and lead them through your website until they want to buy from you or empower them to make another decision you want them to make like sign up to your mailing list.

Not convinced, then read on to find out the SIX REASONS WHY you need a website even if you’re on social media.


 1. Your website can help you get found online.

The biggest search engine in the world, Google, is the biggest for a reason, it’s the best. Google trawls the internet for content thats relevant to what people are searching for and if your site is relevant, you’re gonna be found.

However, Google isn’t too interested in social media sites and doesn’t list them at the top of the results page. 

This could be the difference in being found because you have a website or not if you’re just on social media. Especially when people are searching for something like a “web designer in malaga” <- that’s us. 

This is why we ensure EVERY SITE WE BUILD IS OPTIMISED TO BE FOUND. We actively use search engine optimisation techniques as standard and don’t charge extra. This is especially useful if you have a website you want to be restyled. We do the SEO for you.

Check out our Rocking Restyle Package to get your SEO ready website for just £399.


2. Your website is your “sales(wo)man while you sleep”.

At YOE! we believe in building for the long term and creating assets in our business. 

For example, this blog post is an asset that will stand the test of time, be useful well into the future, be found using SEO and actively converts people to want to signup for our site builds or to our mailing list for more tips and tricks on how to run a successful and stress-free business. 

You can signup for our “Dear Leader” Museletter. 

The opposite of this is a social media post which has a shorter lifespan. Here’s what we mean…

  • Facebook – 5 hours
  • Instagram – 48 hours
  • Twitter – 18 minutes!
  • Pinterest (our fave!) – Pins can be repinned year on year.

So you can see that posting on social media creates great engagement in the short term but long term, its a website (and traffic from Pinterest) that will win. 

That’s why your website is the sales person while you sleep. Your website sticks around when you’re not posting on social and actively drives sales on autopilot. Whoop!

Stats from Copypress.


3. Your website actively polarises who works with you.

When you land on a website, you get a feeling of whether you want to work with someone or buy from them. Through branding your website to match your visitor’s expectations, you’re either attracting them or repelling them. 

At YOE! we are bright, fun, approachable and professional and the clients we want to attract are have those qualities. If you want a more corporate or sensible website then we’re not for you. We’re super pro but we’re not stuffy. 

Your website should shout your qualities, who you do your thang for and what you do. Social media can do that but you sometimes don’t get the whole picture. It takes posting daily to get your point across to people. With a website, you get approximately 7 seconds and people will make a judgement. We make sure those 7 seconds count with a gorgeous, direct response website that sells. 


4. Having a well designed website makes you look way more professional.

The look and feel of your website should establish you as professional, an expert in your field and credible. In doing this, you can charge more for your services!

Think of it like this… It’s the difference between a run down, back alley bar and the Ritz. Which one are you going to get better service, higher quality products, a beautiful environment? You guessed it and you pay more for better.

Isn’t it time to get a beautiful website and charge more in your biz? The return on investment for one of our sites could pay for itself in one new client signing up because you’ve improved your website.


5. Your website is yours and no-one else’s.

Ever been locked out of Facebook or Instagram for 24 hours? That is a real risk we’re seeing on social media. Legitimate businesses are being restricted on their social media channels even when they’ve done nothing wrong. 

Being locked out of social media and it being the only access to your audience could kill your business. 

In the business world, this is called “counter-party risk” and this is where we evaluate the risk involved in using a third party. By only having a social media presence, this is high risk and professional businesses want to reduce risk. You’re a Pro, right? Pros have websites. 


6. You sell more when you have a website.

What? Really?

Yes, really!

Imagine if your favourite brand had a super cool social media presence and then when you went to their website to buy something, you found a cobbled together website that looked a bit shoddy. You’d be a bit cautious on spending your money with them. 

Websites give you “trust factors” like credit card security, someone to contact when things go wrong, refund policies etc. These all add up to people trusting you enough to buy from you.

If you’re just selling your products on social media, it could be time to step up and get a website to sell more.  Check out our Online Store Package and we’ll get you on the web in a week. 

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